The Corale Giuseppe Verdi di Parma was founded in 1905 thanks to the initiative of Maestro Eraclio Gerbella, a teacher at the "Regia Scuola di Musica" of Parma (Parma Royal Music School)  where Arturo Toscanini was one of his pupils.
In its one hundred years of life the Corale Giuseppe Verdi di Parma achieved prestigious goals both in concert activities, including international tours, in recordings and in participation in major opera productions.
The corale was appreciated by some of the most important musicians, starting with the great Toscanini. The Ensemble has had the honor of making music with the leading soloists of the 20th century: from Franco Corelli, Giulietta Simionato, Ettore Bastianini, Carlo Bergonzi, Beniamino Gigli to Aureliano Pertile. Since the end of World War II most of the members of the Corale have been part of the Teatro Regio di Parma Choir.
Its long and important history, the passionate study and the great and unselfish love for the opera make the "Corale Verdi" an important point of reference for the cultural activity of the city of Parma. The sense of belonging to the city is an important factor, it can be said that the Corale is the symbol of a style and a vocal colour immediately referred to Verdi’s idiom.
Today, the ensemble is directed by Fabrizio Cassi, from Busseto, choirmaster and conductor, a close collaborator of the great tenor Carlo Bergonzi.
With the purpose of bringing young people closer to classical music, the Corale  has launched the educational concerts  project, called “Settimane musicali” (Musical Weeks)
In 2009 the Youth Choir of the Verdi Corale was set up and it was prepared and conducted by Maestro Gregorio Pedrini, in order to develop a music repertoire of research, without forgetting the composer the Association carries the name of.
The year 2004 was also marked by the return of the Verdi Chorale Children’s Choir, directed by Maestro Darling Carretta, inside Corale Giuseppe Verdi .
A real Choral Academy which accompanies the young from the first musical experiences to the opera choir.
At the Association's headquarters, next to the beautiful Parco Ducale, there is the Ristorante Corale Verdi, where it is possible to have a taste of opera and good local food.
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Ristorante trattoria "Corale Verdi"
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