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    A legless moor
    As every Christmas, even in 1882, the Publisher Giulio Ricordi sent Verdis a panettone, that time decorated with a statue representing a legless moor as allusion to Othello's project that was proving difficult to be accomplished.

    Thanking him Verdi wrote "Do You really think only legs are missing? Quite the contrary, I believe that head, chest, legs, arms, everything, everything, everything is missing".

    Finally Othello was finished in November 1886, but nevertheless in January of that year, the La Scala impresario and Ricordi went to Verdi with a signature campaign demanding Othello at La Scala. Verdi’s answer was that Otello was not completely finished yet and that, in case it were finished and provided that suitable elements, i.e. singers, were available, it will be premiered at La Scala.
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