Va' Pensiero. Opera at work for the earthquake
Many of the region’s historic theatres were damaged by the earthquakes of the 20th and 29th May 2012. Some of them have become totally inaccessible, while others have suffered various degrees of damage. In particular we should mention those of Crevalcore, Pieve di Cento, Cento (Teatro Borgatti), Carpi, Concordia sulla Secchia, Finale Emilia, Medolla, Mirandola, San Felice sul Panaro, Castello d’Argile, Rio Saliceto, Guastalla Ferrara.   The funds provided for reconstruction in these areas obviously give priority to housing and local businesses, however, for life to get back to normal, the local populations need to have their theatres back, in order to be able to share cultural spaces and to “feed their souls”, which is just as important as feeding the body in these difficult times.
The Cultural Department of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government has therefore proposed to make a collection of funds in favour of these local theatres during the fourth “Vapensieroday” event and as part of the bicentenary celebrations for Giuseppe Verdi.  “Emilia-Romagna Va’ pensiero. All’opera per il terremoto- “Va pensiero” Opera for the earthquake victims – will associate the notes of one of the most famous pieces in the world with the resolve to reconstruct and contribute to helping the towns and villages that have lost such a lot, recover something of their cultural spirit.
March 9th is a particularly significant date in the life of Verdi, who played such an important role in the history of culture. It was the date of the first performance of Nabucodonosor, the opera with which Verdi achieved his first great success and made him famous as an artist both in Italy and abroad. In order to celebrate this anniversary in 2001, the regional government organised the first “Vapensieroday”, an internet celebration for the centenary of Verdi’s death. It represented one of the most significant uses of internet and consisted of 24 hours of live broadcasts from Busseto and five continents across the world, with music, readings, critical commentary and theatrical performances. The event was held three times, in 2001, 2002, and 2004 and represented a bridge between the “Century of Melodrama” and the third millennium.
Now a fourth edition of “Vapensieroday” will take place as a symbol of solidarity and determination, to help rebuild and bring art back into the theatres damaged by the earthquake.

Support the theatres struck by the earthquake with a donationCURRENT ACCOUNT: Pro Teatri

IBAN: IT 87 H 02008 02450 000102267869

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All contributions will be used exclusively for work on the theatres.
  • Crevalcore, (BO), Teatro Comunale, particolare della decorazione del foyer prima del sisma, foto Andrea Scardova, IBC 2010
  • Crevalcore, (BO), Teatro Comunale, particolare della decorazione del foyer dopo il sisma, 2012
  • Pieve di Cento (BO), Teatro Alice Zeppilli, la sala teatrale vista dal palcoscenico prima del sisma, foto Andrea Scardova, IBC 2010
  • Pieve di Cento (BO), Teatro Alice Zeppilli, la sala Regia dopo il sisma, foto Serena Campanini, 2012
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